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Audioversion of Hidden - Part 1: Secrets (1/?)

Title: Hidden – Part 1: Secrets (1/?)
Author: Aussie chick fan aka godgaleshot aka godamnarmsrace
Rating: FRAO/NC-17/Slash.
Fandom: The Faculty.
Pairing: Casey/Zeke – Zeke’s POV
Written For: honeyandvinegar
Summary: Zeke watches Casey from afar.
Spoilers: The Movie *grins*.
Disclaimer: The characters don’t belong to me and I don’t get any money. All I own is my original characters and the little fantasies inside my head.
Author's Note: There is no real slash activity in this part of the fic but there will be in future parts, so it that doesn’t float your boat then don’t click the link!
Audio File Type: mp3 zipped with winrar (you can download winrar from here)
File Size: 9.24mb


Text Version - HERE!

Audio Version - HERE!
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