between the worlds (serai1) wrote in jacked_up,
between the worlds

Three tinyfics - "Igloo", "Towards", "London" - Z/C, PG-13 - R

3 more tinyfics, each 3 sentences long. Off prompts from fffc.


Casey hangs up the phone and shivers, watching through the window as the wild wind pours endless snow onto the frozen street, driveway, walk. This house always feels chilly, and now the winter cold seals it like a castle of ice.

But he knows where the warmth is, and heads upstairs to the arms and lips and heart of fire waiting for him under the blankets, in their hot little shelter of adoration and sex.


Zeke watches those pale-shell eyelids flicker back and forth as the dream chases Casey through the night. Rapid breaths, light and panicked - what's after you, buddy? - and an occasional fragment of a moaned word finally make Zeke lean over the trembling lips, cover them with a slow kiss, draw him out of the darkness with wet heat and a welcoming embrace. If he can't defeat the monsters behind him, at least he can give Casey something to run towards.


"So tell me," Casey demands as he shoves Zeke back onto the bed and climbs up onto his body, "what was it like?" kissing him frantically until Zeke pushes up and rolls them both over.

"Damp," Zeke gasps, coming up for air, "and cold," his hands running over Casey's skin, "and those fucking depressing grey skies, and I couldn't wait to get back to the hotel every night so I could picture you naked and jerk off," now he's growling, thrusting hard against Casey with each word, feverish, hungry, "thinking about fucking you."

Casey grabs at Zeke's ass and shoves back, groans, "Good thing they let you come home early," pushes his hand between them and into Zeke's jeans, taking hold of his dick, hard in his hand, hot, god yeah c'mere missed this missed you, "'cause after two weeks, you're not the only one going insane," and they fall into each other, the cold and solitude already a distant memory.

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